14 September 2016

Physics to Sociology

The great philosophical task of our day is not reconciling science and religion. That ship has sailed and religion is not a passenger. The task is reconciling physics and sociology.
At the extreme, proponents of each domain deny that the others know anything at all. Some sociologists argue that all knowledge is relative to the observer and that science is just one mode of knowing amongst many. And science is not even the best mode. Physicists on the other hand say that sociologists don't understand science or the implications of it, and that sociology is all just physics any way. As in all wars, there are those who think they benefit from continued hostility.
One of the things that appeals to me about John Searle is that he is attempting to bridge the gap. He's actually trying to explain the world rather than further some sectarian agenda. As such he's not taken very seriously by those with a vested interest in keeping the fight going.

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